I discovered Cathy & Todd of ZPR early in my parenting journey and find myself coming back again and again.  They teach self awareness and compassion in an accessible, fun way.  I love listening while doing errands or chores -- it somehow provides space for me to reflect on issues that matter most most (relationships, etc).  Jim and I sometimes listen together on road trips - it's a low stakes way to bond over something a bit deeper than the typical Netflix.  We particularly liked the one about work travel as it applies to us greatly.  Even if you are not a parent, check them out.  Honestly, it is less a 'parenting' podcast and more a 'self awareness' type thing.  **Update: I'll be at their live conference March 2019!**.www.zenparentingradio.com

Paula Pant of Afford Anything offers great perspective on how to make choices. Her personal story is inspiring: she worked for 3 years earning about $25k and saved up enough to quit and travel the world for a year.  Everyone kept saying, "Wish I could afford to do that."  Even though they made more money than her!  The idea for her business was born:  you can afford *anything* but not *everything.*  Life is all about choices, and the more we understand what we are choosing and why, the more satisfied we will be and/or able to adjust as necessary.  More personally, as a female entrepreneur in the web world, Paula has been inspirational to me in making the leap to launch Yinspired Yoga.  www.affordanything.com

While it's fun to listen to the hour-long interviews of some of my favorite stars, probably what I love most about this podcast is the artistic insight and inspiration I take from it.  Sam Jones is an artist and finds the depth to his guests and their performances.  After listening, I want to CREATE.  Additionally, I love Sam's story (clearly I'm a sucker for entrepreneurs) of how he started the podcast/show/magazine based on his passion.  www.offcamera.com

The idea is so simple, yet revolutionary:  add spinach to smoothies!  You won't taste it, I promise!  I stumbled upon this website around the time my twins were born.  I loved the idea (drink 1 green smoothie per day) and the feasibility (anyone with a blender can do it, and with ingredients already at home).  Now, I don't drink a green smoothie *every* day, but I love having the green smoothie concept in my toolkit for when I need that flush of healthy goodness. Oh, and two mom entrepreneurs started it, which I love!  www.simplegreensmoothies.com

This book is amazing!  Marie Kondo does an amazing job unpacking the "stuff" our "stuff" represents.  Her approach - to touch each item, assess if it sparks joy, and if not, LET GO - is Yinspired to the core.  It cultivates a sense of balance, perspective, and peace.  Why are you holding on it?  No really, why?  Not for the faint of heart, to really dive in is to go on a deep, personal journey.  Enjoy the ride...and the sense of peace created from joyful spaces!  Update: now a series on Netflix!

This Organic Girl is my go-to resource for non-toxic product recommendations.  She knows her STUFF.  Get in-depth reviews and interesting insights...all with an upbeat, fun personality and precious Boston accent (check out her Instagram stories!).  She's a mom, a blogger, and all-around asset to the world.  www.thisorganicgirl.com