Yinspired Yoga is just that - yoga  inspired by YIN.

Yin is peaceful, quiet, moon, feminine.  It exists in balance with and in opposition to YANG, or the bright, masculine, powerful, energetic. We all contain both yin and yang and feel most harmonious when the two energies are in balance.

In our society, we are yang to the max:  stressed out, anxious, pulled in various directions, inundated with requests etc, etc...  

And, for whatever reason, we de-prioritize the yin, or do not recognize its importance.  Myself included.  

In our society, we are yang to the max...
and for whatever reason, we de-prioritze the yin.

To that end, these videos are FREE and ONLINE to meet you where you are and be there when you need.  The videos are RELAXING, RESTORATIVE, and ACCESSIBLE to most bodies.  That said, it is a physical and mental practice and may not be appropriate for you.  Please consult your healthcare practitioner prior to participating.


Qualities of a Yinspired Yoga Class

Yinspired Yoga aims to provide Balance, Perspective, & Peace through relaxing yoga videos.  After class, your mind should feel clearer, your spirit calmer, and your body more relaxed.  


Mind, Spirit, Body - in that order

 At its heart, Yinspired Yoga is a mental/spiritual practice.  Physical benefits will manifest but are not the primary focus. 


Gentle movements

Yinspired Yoga contains gentle vinyasa (breath linked to movement).  The vinyasa is relaxing and eases the mind and body into stillness later.  


Medium-to-long holds

Primary poses are held 3-5 minutes.  It sounds like a long time, but remember, the whole idea is to feel good, so it should feel like a treat sink passively into the shape.  


10% Savasana

Savasana, or corpse pose, allows the mind-spirit-body to energetically absorb and fully reap the benefits of practice.  Classes strive for 10% complete rest or meditation.  So, a 10 minute practice will include 1 minute savasana ; a 60 minute class will have 6 minutes, etc.



Yinspired is a time to luxuriate in doing less, leveraging support, and letting yourself feel good.  When in doubt, pull back, use more props, get more cushions, or simply lie down and breathe.  


After class, your mind should feel clearer, your spirit calmer, and your body more relaxed.