About Heather Wininger


It all started when...

Heather Wininger began her yoga journey in 2002 at Dartmouth College, where she joined a class with a few girlfriends and giggled about savasana being the best part... 

After college, she dabbled in strategy consulting, then education equality -- increasingly searching for "meaning" this thing we call a career.  At the urging of her now husband, who saw her yogic passion clearly, Heather enrolled in a 200 hour yoga certification from Finding Inner Peace Yoga School at Charlestown Yoga under the direction of Sue Lynch and Judy Foster.  She practiced daily and took numerous intensives from many of the popular names in the yoga circuit.  

Jim and Heather moved to Atlanta in 2009, where she taught yoga after work with Atlanta Yoga Club.  Perhaps the biggest blessing came in 2012 when she gave birth to twins Ben & Will.  After reflection and discussion, Heather embraced the role of caring for the children full time.  Jim's career started to soar.  They moved briefly to DC, then back to Atlanta.  Heather visited yoga studios whenever she could, but increasingly began a home practice.  They welcomed baby #3 Jack in 2014.  

Through the pendulum swings of life with young children, Heather found herself further drawn to that "savasana feeling" and wanting, perhaps needing, more of it.  The yin inspired Heather's life, and hence here we are.  Welcome!