The Beauty of Wall Yoga

Walls, Walls, Walls

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been obsessed with walls. I mean, we all have…(sigh, heavy heart)….but my preoccupation extends beyond politics.

My focus on walls involved rearranging winter goals, canceling plans, spending time up against them - all in a somewhat abrupt and unplanned way. Perhaps my way to ‘reclaim’ the concept of a wall?

Hmmmm…who knows… Regardless, it’s been interesting to notice this theme and reflect on the positive power of these structures around us.

Coloring My World

Five years ago, we bought our home with two 2-year-olds and one on the way. The priority was survival — er, raising the family — over design choices that would make the home “ours.” Jim and I vaguely talked about 2019 being a year to invest a little TLC into the space. And, boy, once the new year rolled around, I got a bee in my bonnet about painting the interior!

For the first time, I worked with a Colorist to guide the process, and we landed on three: sea salt, wall street, and seersucker suit. We also have dove white in certain areas. The children’s areas are separate. For them, I threw in happy blues and a bright orange wall. My way of ensuring we not take ourselves too seriously ;)

This project definitely took over my February. It was a bit of a leap-before-looking moment. Have you ever painted an interior while still living in the house? Talk about disruptive! Every day I was moving items out of rooms, rearranging, putting things back, etc. My Instagram stories showed the pantry cleanout—>painting—>reorganization, which gave y’all a taste of the intensity of something I didn’t even consider to be part of this process. (Ha!) I was super-efficient and decisive — words that don’t always describe me when it comes to home projects. I felt an urgency around the walls. Interesting, right??

Our color story. Check out the yoga below to see “sea salt” in action. It’s the “run color” in most main areas.

Our color story. Check out the yoga below to see “sea salt” in action. It’s the “run color” in most main areas.

These pictures don’t do justice to the new feeling of the spaces, but here’s a taste:

PS - I’ll keep you posted on the downstairs makeover…we plan to completely redo living/dining interiors!

Yin at the Wall

Ok, so switching gears but aligned with my wall theme: a few months ago, I found a daytime Yin yoga class at Stellar Power Yoga. (Holla!) I’ve been searching for a class like this for years. Slightly heated, truly relaxing, close-knit community vibe…during a time that works best with my schedule. Can’t do Sunday evening Yin — that’s family time!

The teacher Richard Fudge confidently holds space for students to deeply explore this quiet practice. I’m learning much from him as a student and as a teacher. He holds space for silence and stillness, which takes courage. While I’ve done yoga at the wall before, Richard uses the wall in at least half the week’s poses. As I was attending classes 1-2x/week, and also managing this home wall painting project, you can see how I started to ask, what is going on with me and walls?

If you are in Atlanta, please treat yourself to Richard’s yin on Tuesday or Thursday morning. Oh, and since there’s no exertion in yin (aka no sweating), all you worker-bees can schedule an “early lunch meeting” and give it a try ;).

Restorative Wall Yoga

And of course - I wanted to create an “available anytime” Yinspired Wall Yoga.

Have you experienced such luxury?? Beyond feeling wonderful, a wall can elevate your ability to restore. They provide sturdy, unwavering support, allowing for more intense feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Restorative practices are helpful during hectic, busy weeks, at times when you absorb a lot of information, and after intense travel. To that end, it is designed to be done anywhere, even the most minimalist hotel room!

This particular sequence is dedicated to Zen Parenting Radio's "Team Zen" and all the “Get Your Brave On” conference attendees. If you follow me at all, you know I love my ZPR, and how thrilled I am to attend for the first time this year. Please consider this a resource to more fully integrate and embody your experiences.

Couple of Thoughts

before your mind jumps in with excuses!!!

  • Series designed specifically for anytime/anywhere - even hotel rooms

  • Perfect for business travel and conferences - i.e., when you are absorbing a lot of information, likely to be alone, may be jet-lagged, etc

  • Your chest stays open the entire class (no forward folding), which can feel wonderful for reversing effects from desks, technology, extended sitting, etc

  • Your feet are above your heart for about half the time, which significantly lowers stress & anxiety by activating “rest and digest” mode as opposed to “fight or flight”. A class like this can be even more powerful than sleep, because during sleep your mind actually does not rest fully.

  • Please do not tell me you do not have wall space. You are more creative than that. Wear socks and try next to a closed door if needed.

  • Try replacing the sentence “I don’t have time” with “It’s not a priority for me.” And then ask yourself…….”why not?”

All that moves exhausts itself eventually. Only that which is still is for always.
— Sadhguru
Heather Wininger