Gratitude: To the Seed Planters

Cooler weather, warm cups of tea, winter holidays approaching,…’tis the season of Thankfulness. And almost a year into Yinspired Yoga.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting about the people who planted the seeds for Yinspired Yoga. I think of them often. Do they know it? I hope, but I’m fairly certain they do not know the extent of their influence.

To the people below: thank you. Not sure any of this would exist without you.

To everyone else: Please enjoy as inspiration for your gratitude journey. And…the yoga sequence is yummy worth it. ;)

Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
— Albert Schweitzer


My friend from college - an amazing woman/wife/mom/pediatrician/blogger/certified yoga instructor/friend/one-time star of Tiny House. The friend with whom, in my bio, I giggled about sivasana being the best part. She’s super-accomplished and always seems to be adding accolades. After an email chain with our college friends where I responded with advice on life with two kids, Christina gushed, “Heather you need to start a blog!” She planted the seed.


Karen is my talented esthetician + Juice Plus consultant. We met in 2013 and immediately bonded over healthy lifestyle and young motherhood. She is a true friend with a deep, caring spirit. She started her own business Dermatrition in 2017. She’s so popular you can only get in via word of mouth! Oh, and did I mention she home-schools two children and has a toddler? It’s been inspiring to watch her journey: she’s a hustler with strong beliefs and makes things happen in alignment with those beliefs. During one session, I mentioned the idea of Yinspired Yoga, and she said, “You are doing it. I can’t wait.” Something her conviction made me feel accountable to her. She watered the seed.


Rebecca and I met through our husbands, aka best friends at work. While the guys traveled most of the work-week, she and I each managed our homes, babies, and sleep deprivation. We bonded over a love of yoga + similar lifestyles. Always talented with flowers, she left little bouquets at my door several times as pick-me-ups. Eventually, she began Buckhead Boxes. Just scroll through her Instagram if you want to feel amazing! She loved it, she had a gift, friends encouraged her to offer services professionally, and she formalized it into an outlet for creating. At her core, she is an artist. Inspirationally, her side business was a motivating example for Yinspired Yoga. Tactically, she provided business connections, introduced me to Instagram, and opened doors to the amazing “momtreprenuer” network in Atlanta. My flower was starting to grow!


Joanna is a friend from high school who I lost touch with after graduation, but have kept tabs on over the years. (Thanks social media!). She has a certain je ne se quoi: confident, fiery, beautiful, talented, smart, driven. You notice her, and you do not forget her. She’s living it up in NYC, and it’s been great to watch her navigate city life (she bought her own place!), career (lots of exciting positions and moves), and dating (her posts about online dates are hilarious!). I root for her, I’m a fan…even though we don’t really talk. Do you have anyone like that? Anyway, she recently went all-in on a style-coaching business Copper + Rise, which, per her bio, she started after a successful weight-loss journey. Why did she make this list? It’s hard for me to explain, but there’s something about Joanna’s spirit that I feel the world needs more of, which is similar to how I felt about Yin yoga and the world needing more of it.


Cathy is a host of Zen Parenting Radio, a podcast I’ve listened to regularly since having children. I’ve never met her, but she feels like a friend, kind of the way Oprah felt to a lot of us back in the day. Specific to Yinspired Yoga, Cathy’s perspective regarding the “why” and the “what” in her business empowered me to build something without a roadmap beyond intuition, and definitely without a plan toward monetization. Her “Whys” include: Because she loves it, ZPR allows her to grow, It may be helpful to others. Her What? Authentic content vs. “Biggest sellers,” # subscribers, # podcasts, etc. She defines self-awareness as “Understand who you are and why you do what you do.” PS - Todd, her husband and other half of ZPR is equally amazing, but this specific lesson and inspiration stems from Cathy.


My true partner. Beyond believing in me, you take my ideas more seriously than I sometimes do. It’s an honor to stand on the flagship with you.

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
— Marcel Proust

Yoga for Gratitude

You’ve heard about benefits of gratitude. But let’s not focus on them here…and rather let the intention to be purer. Try this practice as a way to express gratitude, period stop. There’s lots of guidance, thought-provoking quotes, and time to nestle into the experience. Enjoy, and Thank You!! XO