Feeling Exasperated?

Someone told me once that it's a child's job to push boundaries, because that's how they prove their parent's love.  It's their way of saying -

Are you paying attention?  

Do you care?

Will you expend energy on me right now?  

Do you love me?


Enough already!  

Yes, I love you.  Of course I love you.  My life essentially revolves around you.  Y'all are smart kids: perhaps we can "level" like adults and skip this silly dance?  You know, where I set the boundary, you ignore, I reprimand, you blatantly ignore, I lose my mind.  Repeat.


I know, I know. 

Just had to get it off my chest. ;)  And now I do feel better.  They are children, and I cherish their precious ages.  Their innocence, their insights, their "just right"-ness for this moment in time.  

And also, it's been a week.  One of those weeks where child-rearing has been a visceral, all-encompassing task.  We're all stressed. I'm tired.  I kind of want to give up.  

And also, it's temporary.  We'll get through it.  But right now we're in it.  

It’s temporary. We’ll get through it. But right now we’re in it.

So, I turn to yoga.

Yoga for Exasperation

This quiet, grounding class has just the right amount of what you need.  A little movement to rinse off agitation, deep breaths and mantras to help calm the mind, and juicy yin poses to infuse the spirit with a sense of calm surrender.  Leave feeling renewed from the inside, and hence much more prepared to accept and manage whatever is outside.

Your current situation is not your final destination.
— Zig Ziglar
Heather Wininger