Planting Seeds for a Fantastic Day

Spring has sprung!

Yoga has taught me to pause and reflect at the change of each season...and with azaleas and dogwoods blossoming all over Atlanta, it's hard not to stop in one's tracks for a moment and awe at Spring's essence: renewal, beauty, growth, and life!

From a Few Seeds...

My oldest children are finishing their first year of Kindergarten in a couple weeks.  In a final parent meeting, the school created a moving, integrated experience.  We were served food grown from the lower school garden.  We were read an original poem by the chef who prepared the food.  We listened to motivational speaker Steph Palermo encourage us to slow down and incorporate balance, love, and peace into our lives, for our children's sake.  (You can only imagine how I was salivating, given Yinspired Yoga's pillars of balance, perspective, and peace!).  

And, incredibly moving for me, The Head of the Lower School said a few words.  He played with the idea of space and how it nurtures experience.  How different physical spaces have blossomed over his years at the school: the design thinking lab, the library, and the garden (which literally blossomed to create our food).  He discussed how a little TLC invested at one point in time creates dramatically changed experience later.  Which of course he linked to parent involvement in school today during little kid years.  And to thank us for our involvement, he provided a packet of wildflower seeds.  I mean, how cute.  

But in all seriousness, how relevant and important.  Of course I'm thinking of my little kindergartners and "watering" them so they flourish as rooted, independent, thriving adults!  But to pair that sentimentality with a speaker whose message was about self care and self preservation - it was powerful.  The keys to blossoming are strong roots, ongoing nourishment, and an environment that supports thriving - not just for our children, but for ourselves.

The keys to blossoming are strong roots, ongoing nourishment, and an environment that supports thriving - not just for our children, but for ourselves.

Pictured above: Jack enveloped by azaleas at preschool, wildflower seeds from big kid school, azaleas from my backyard, new flower painting on my wall

Bringing It Back to Yoga

What better way to nurture our own souls than to start the day with a gentle, flow-y sequence that will help us shine bright and blossom, today and always.  It's a beautiful thing to wake up and honor your body, connect it to breath, and create stillness for spirit.  Enjoy this sequence and have a fantastic day! 

When the flower blossoms, the bee will come
— Srikumar Rao


Steph Palermo:  "Just Steph" motivational speaking, radio talk show host, author.  Neat personal story, entertaining with effective messages.

Laurel Browning Art:  Love her style and fell in love with the flower painting above at The Front Porch in Vinings.

Whit McKnight:  Just for fun.  The Head of Lower School (who I mention above) sings a Hamilton favorite.  Have you tried to memorize and sing these words???  An awesome school leader...and performer!