For Emergency Relaxation...Stat!

If you take away one thing from Yinspired Yoga...

...please learn and practice this pose.  It's a modification of Viparita Karani, or leg-up-the-wall pose, and is my secret sauce for feeling better in body, mind, and spirit in only a couple breaths.  I tend to sneak it in after Jack and before Ben & Will go down to bed.  I walk out of Jack's room, direct the big boys toward something that will occupy them (playroom if they are ready for bed, PJs and brush teeth if not yet ready), and then slip into my bedroom for a little me time.  And I mean LITTLE: maybe 2-5 minutes.  

For this first-ever Yinspired Yoga video, I wanted to create something easy, fast, and dramatic in terms of benefits for the time/effort.  In the video I show my favorite version on a foam roller, but you don't need any props.  Just get on the ground and put your feet up - in the air, on a chair, or against the wall.  That's it.  Maybe ask Alexa to set a timer to play a soothing song.  

Why this pose works:

1) We feel grounded when we are near the ground.  

2) Raising your legs reverses the energy of whatever patterns or feelings are happening.

3) It is simple enough that anyone can fit it into the day

The most effective way to do it, is to do it
— Amelia Earhart