Life's Big Decisions

We all face decision points in life's journey

You know what I mean by big decisions: Is this relationship right for me? Do I want children?  Do I take a plunge?  Make the investment?  Make a the move?  Pursue a path pulling on my heartstrings but with lots of unknowns and that could be an epic failure?  

Think of the two-minute summary of your adult life.  Mine starts: chose Dartmouth, majored in English and Economics, worked in consulting, met Jim (etc, etc).  Each item represents a moment where I faced one of these big decisions, and likely contained many +/- lists, coffee shop conversations, and deep thinking about "what to do."

Often times, our choices line up as complements:  take a dream job in a city you don't love, or live where your heart is and work at something less fulfilling?  Pick Guy A (artsy, passionate, chemistry) or Guy B (successful, handsome, caring)?  I want to choose both but can't...can I somehow combine the two?  How do I make this decision!?!  


Only you can choose

For pretty much any decision in life, there is no "objectively right" answer, but there is a right answer for you.  And my belief is, deep in your being, the answer is in you now.  You just have to quiet the noise (which could be ego, expectations, limiting beliefs, etc) and listen.

Over the past year, I have had a large number of friends and family facing big life choices.  Some about career, some relationships, some overall goals.  This yoga practice is dedicated to them. Sitting deep in conversation, we talk in circles about the options, advantages and disadvantages, how to weigh unknowns, dissecting deep down motivations, etc.  Those are all helpful, important "yang" tactics - intellectual, goal-oriented, but often times they may not be enough.  As my friend Tamika used to say, "I need time to process."

Yinspired Yoga can help

If you are facing a life decision, and/or potentially confused about how you really, truly feel, Yinspired Yoga can help.  This one-hour classic Yin class creates space to be with yourself...your true, inner self...and see what emerges.  If nothing else, you will experience a break from the stress of your decision, and better yet, you may gain insight toward the path that's right for you.  P.S. for my new yogis:  please do not let the time deter you.  It goes by fast...and this decision warrants time for reflection!  The power of this practice starts with a commitment to the full experience, please don't skimp!

Are you living the life you chose? Or are you living a life that chose you?
— Jason Isbell