DIY Chicken Soup & Sugar Scrub

My December was going to be perfect

I had set the tone with a relaxing Mom’s Yoga party, planned to enjoy an extra week (thanks early Thanksgiving!) for shopping, charity projects, cookie baking, movie watching, card sending, and kid activities. Then sprinkle in about 4 adult parties, nicely spread throughout the month, and ease into Christmas Day with three boys the perfect ages for all the magic.

Alas, best-laid plans

However, this month brought on an unexpected nuisance: acute ear issues! It comes with the territory of raising little kids — nothing major to worry about — but it did change my month. I found myself having a hard time hearing, feeling disoriented, craving silence. It was like life was forcing me to embrace Yin even though I had Yang goals!

Yin embraces illness

One strange thing about loving and embracing Yin is that it calls for loving and embracing “negative” concepts. For example, Yin embraces sickness while Yang embraces health. Seems counter-intuitive, I know. But when our bodies our sick, we need to slow down and nurture. Sometimes it’s life reminding us to slow down, and sometimes it’s simply bad luck that the bug found you. (I’m going with the latter on my personal experience this time :P). Either way, time for chicken soup, bone broth, rest, quiet…and unfortunately modifying some December plans.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Homemade chicken soup, and bone broth made with the chicken bones. Basically my diet this December!

Homemade chicken soup, and bone broth made with the chicken bones. Basically my diet this December!

I make this chicken soup recipe anytime someone is sick in the house. It’s so easy I don’t need the recipe anymore!

Then use the bones to make bone broth. Place bones, filtered water, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, and any kitchen scraps (onions, celery, carrot tops, herbs, etc) in pot. Simmer 12-24 hours, or put in crock pot overnight. Drain, then sip all day!

Mmmm, and a Warm Bath…

This month, I’ve craved warm baths daily. But, one side effect of my cacophony of medicines is feeling super-dry. The hot water may dry out my skin even more.. :(. Soooooo…I whipped out these ingredients and created the most wonderful, luxurious sugar scrub. It sloughs away dry skin, then locks in moisturize. I felt wrapped in a cocoon of health and wellness after using. I even used it on my lips, followed by my favorite lip cream.

DIY Luxurious Sugar Scrub

It’s so easy, takes 3 minutes, and you have the ingredients in your house.

1/2 cup Sugar

1/2 cup Oil - I used a mix of coconut and avocado. Olive, almond, and jojoba oils would also work well!

Optional add ins: 1-2 drops essential oils

Oil + Sugar = Simple & Luxurious scrub!

Oil + Sugar = Simple & Luxurious scrub!

All you do is mix!

All you do is mix!